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ARE Austrian Real Estate is a real estate company that specialises in office, residential and development properties. Our long-term portfolio comprises about 580 properties, including exceptional historical buildings like Palais Epstein and modern office buildings such as Green Worx. Our top priorities in our capacity as a lessor of some 1.9 million m2 in building space are stability and quality.

In addition, we currently have 40 projects under development. Among them are the urban quarters VILLAGE IM DRITTEN, JAKOMINI VERDE and JUWEL in Mödling.


ARE acts as a partner for efficient, forward-looking real estate projects in urban areas throughout Austria and is also taking its first steps abroad. We look after our properties over their entire lifecycle – from planning and building them through to managing them. We acquire properties, develop projects and entire urban quarters, rehabilitate buildings (including heritage-protected buildings) and ensure that the value of our portfolio is maintained, with the greatest emphasis placed on tailor-made utilisation concepts and providing our customers with the best possible service.

Environment and

We set great store by complying with the ESG criteria along the entire value chain. By avoiding the wasteful use of resources and practising responsible energy management, we contribute towards sustainability and climate protection. When developing our projects, we always think about smart mobility concepts and creating open spaces that benefit the environment.

Mission Statement

We, ARE Austrian Real Estate, are a leading Austrian real estate company. Our success rests on two sturdy pillars: the management of our diverse portfolio made up of first-class objects with great significance for Austria’s building culture on the one hand, and the development of high-quality, sustainable work and residential spaces on the other. (…)

We stand for reliability, value creation and the will to forge new paths. For that reason, the highest quality standards and commitment to climate protection are at the heart of our activities. (…)

Learn about our full mission statement in the following video (in German):

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